E-2 비자

An E2 visa is given exclusively to show language, while the E1 visa applies to University Professors of English and different fields of study. Evidently, the application for an E2 visa must be from a nation where that language is perceived by Korea just like the 'principal' language of its residents. For instance, it appears to be French instructors must be from France, not Canada, while English educators must be from explicitly assigned nations. Note that these are not formal necessities but rather give off an impression of being the considering numerous possible managers.


The essential scholarly prerequisite for an E2 Visa is a finished Bachelor's qualification in any field. Migration authorities should obviously observe this is a real degree and not a course identical to a certain extent. Different organizations may have explicit extra prerequisites, for example, a showing degree, TESOL affirmations, and so forth.

Since 2010, university/school confirmations require an apostille. This procedure can take some time, yet the legislature has said it will just be done the one time. Because of the new apostille prerequisite, fixed transcripts were not, at this point required.


- by and large, all new candidates must present the E2 visa application to the Korean government office/office in their nation of origin.

- Any candidates who qualify inside any of the conditions beneath can apply for an E2 visa at Korean international safe haven/office of an outsider nation.

a. Candidates with a previous history of an E1 visa (college educator), E2 visa (English teacher), E3 visa (scholastic examination/understudy visa), with no history of overstepping Korean law

b. An individual from the Korean University Education Union/Community that confirms scholastic capabilities
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